Lists of Glory: 12 Iconic Black Polo Necks

I love black polo neck sweaters! (Or turtle necks as they’re also known). As you know, I’m rather partial to a bit of black and there is something about the simplicity, the versatility and the never ending variations ¬†of the black polo neck that makes it the ultimate winner for me. One item that can be paired with everything from a fluffy tutu to ripped jeans to a ball gown. You always look chic and effortlessly cool in a black polo neck. You can look a little sinister too, but that’s not a bad thing…

I used to think you couldn’t wear them if you were bigger or had giant boobs (hmmm, who could I be thinking of?) but as with most things, it’s just down to the right foundation garments. In fact the right black polo over the right underwear looks amazing on swooping curves.

Here’s a roundup of my favourite polo necks. (Click on the image)