Lists of Glory: Remember these? Oh yes, you do…. the loveliest chocolate ads.

Oh no! I was collecting images for my Black Polo Neck List of Glory when I fell down the rabbit hole of old chocolate adverts (I bet you can guess why..). Well, they need a whole List of Glory to themselves. I’ve gone for the British ones that I remember from childhood but I’m sure you have many more you could contribute.


The Milky Bar Kid.

Was he cool? Was he an irritating little brat? The chocolate was sickly but he could use that lasso like a pro…


The Bounty Hunters

Don’t they remind you of the pop group Tight Fit singing Fantasy Island? (I had great music taste as a teenager, you know…)




The Cadbury’s Bunny

Yes, I have based my adult persona on her.


Fry’s Turkish Delight

A more innocent time in which being a patronising orientalist was OK. Love her little bunches though…


And finally, of course, The Milk Tray Man. One ad, a hundred million conflicting sexual fantasies, even now being played out in 50 Shades of Grey. But one thing’s for sure, a black polo neck and box of chocolates will still send women of a certain age to their knees.