The Daily Post: Sweater Girl

“They are the sweater girls—just kids showing off their curves and apparently liking it. What kind of mothers and wives are they going to be?”

So, apparently, said a Pittsburgh police office back in 1949. Did you ever realise your Bella Freud was so provocative and controversial? The sweater girl became popular back in the forties due to Hollywood stars such as Lana Turner, Jayne Mansfield and Jane Russell wearing tight sweaters over reinforced conical ‘bullet bras’. Like most fashions, the origin lies with manufacturing and advertising rather than creative inspiration. The technical ability to manufacture bras that could ‘lift and separate’ coincided with knitted fabrics becoming softer and more pliable. Obviously the result was less than natural and rather provocative, hence our police chief’s concerns about the morality of the sweater girl.

But hey, maybe she’s just a sweet kid, using her assets the best way she knows how….

Here are some fabulous original sweater girls and a few of my own interpretations as seen on Instagram.


And my contemporary take, as seen on Instagram (Welcometo.lexiland)