The Daily Post: Geek Dreams are Made of This

Anyone who has been following my IG for a while will know that I love a day trip to Margate, especially if it involves the magical combination of the Turner Contemporary Gallery and Dreamland Vintage Funfair. Today, we hit all the family’s nails on the head by including the Geek gamers convention that was being held there.

My understanding of gamer conventions is, I must admit, extremely limited so I’ll give you this review from the 13 year olds “Yeah, good” which I think you’ll appreciate is high praise indeed. It’s on for the whole weekend and if you’re nearby you can get tickets at the door.

Entangled, the textile exhibition on at the Turner, was a great experience and one I’ll come back to when I have time for a longer review. Featuring some major art stars, such as Louise Borgeois and Kiki Smith, it deserves a post to itself.

And then, although the funfair section of Dreamland was closed, I found that Miranda the fortune teller was open and, completely unlike me, went in to have my fortune read. I don’t really believe there is anything magical or psychic going on (although apparently I do have psychic gifts, she told me and possibly most other customers) but I suppose that a great fortune teller is very empathic person who can ‘read’ the sitter. And boy, did she read me! She was a lovely, warm woman and it was a really comforting and encouraging reading. Apart from suggesting I might have another baby (something she pulled back from pretty fast when she saw my appalled expression) there weren’t any predictions, but time spent with someone caring & understanding. She correctly read that I like to think of myself as creative and write and make art. My husband pointed out that I arrived, in a bright pink sweater with paint on my hands, and said “Can I photograph you for Instagram?” So guessing I fancy myself as a bit creative wasn’t much of a stretch. I had a palm reading and then Tarot cards, using the most beautiful Victorian gothic deck. Certainly, by the end, I was shamed by my sceptic nature and fully ready to believe.  I think find the right fortune teller and you can give up therapy, for sure….

Images from Margate