The Daily Post: Bewitched by Entangled

Entangled, the textile exhibition featuring work by artists such as Mona Hatoum. Louise Bourgeois and Kiki Smith, is currently showing at the Turner Contemporary. It is a far more subversive show than it might initially appear. The artists displayed are all female and the breadth and substance of the work on display absolutely challenges the notion that fabrics and textiles are lesser materials than paint and bronze. As such it is a wonderful re-evaluation of the place of women artists within the art market, conferring a sense of seriousness and importance on work than might otherwise be considered frivolous. Some of the work (Le Tutu Dansant by Annette Messenger for example) plays with this notion of the serious to produce a light-hearted yet deeply felt work that is also entrancing. There’s a consistent delicacy juxtaposed with a tensile strength on show, both in the use of materials and palette.The show is also challenging in that, just as painting used to dominate the arts as the ‘serious’ medium, now the two dimensional image is once again reasserting it’s tyranny through social media. Three dimensional works and performance lose their immediacy when they can’t be shown easily on a screen. This exhibition is a timely reminder that content and material is everything when it comes to art. The two dimensional image is only one element. These pieces, with their scope, vision and visceral impact, demonstrate how wide ranging art can be outside the box.

Details of all the artworks can be found at Turner Contemporary . If you want to read a far more erudite review, you’ll find it here, at Apollo Magazine