The Daily Post: Sleep Induced Shopnia* (or why I spent too much yesterday)


Where are you, you pesky foxes?

It is a medically agreed fact that tiredness makes you spend more money. (It also makes you eat more buns, at least that was my excuse when my son was little). For the past two nights Mabel has been in a frenzy because the foxes have returned to our garden. She seemed to scare them off at first but now, being prime ‘foxes doing their business’ time of year, they are all over our garden and woodland outside. It makes poor Mabel tremble with outrage and excitement. For two nights in a row and I have had no more than an hour’s sleep because she was so agitated. So yesterday, feeling exhausted and having been stuck in a terrible traffic jam on the school run, I drove home via the dog ‘hotel’ we’ve used a couple of times before. “You wouldn’t happen to have any space today? Right now? Please take her…” I begged and fortunately they did. I didn’t even need to feel guilty because when Mabel realised where she was, she actually jumped over me to get out of the car and into the ‘paddock’ where she spends all day running around. annoying much bigger dogs.

So, I was left with a whole day to myself. What to do? A range of wholesome, healthy, cultural and life enhancing options presented themselves. Obviously, I went clothes shopping instead. And my in my sleep deprived state, I spent way too much money. And do you know what? I don’t care. I really bloody enjoyed it. And I love everything I bought. And Mabel even slept a bit last night.

*Shopnia is totally professional medical term for spending money you shouldn’t on things you don’t need but that are so absolutely delicious and gorgeous you know your life will be a sadder place without them. If Shopnia occurs more than once a month please seek help. 

And here’s what I bought…


I finally gave in and bought Office’s knock off version of the Chloe boots. I couldn’t bring myself to spend £850 on a pair of boots but at 10% of that price (plus a bit extra off) I decided I couldn’t be the only person in the world without them. I also love a summer boot’ and I think this red will be the perfect colour. I also bought Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Balm which smells gorgeous and, early tests indicate, really works.


Buying the new book Utopia for Realists was technically the reason for my shopping trip. I also bought Night Trains in preparation for an exciting trip later this year. But first I have to finish reading Marina Abramovic’s autobiography, a book I thoroughly recommend as her commitment to her vision of being an artist and a woman is astonishing and admirable.


Zara pink! Sweater, that is.


And my other Office boots. Well, I couldn’t resist these. I got all the way to the till before crumbling and saying ‘Bring me the black boots too…’


Two pretty little Kate Spade bangles, to go with my Monica Vinader ones.


And just a glimpse of Zara Kimono