The Experience of Art

Honesty is a byword of mine, so, I have to start with a (slightly embarrassing) confession. I was initially a reluctant (and late) visitor to the Tate Modern as I found the brutalism of the exterior so uninvitingly off-putting.  More fool me… I’m now a total convert (and happy member) – content to visit just to say ‘hello again’ to a favourite artwork.

View from the tate

The stunning view from the Southbank in London (by @And_n0w )

One that stands out in my memory – especially as it’s not currently on display – is Juan Uslé’s gorgeous ‘Bilingual’.  I find his use of colour and curve evocative and transporting.



We’re so spoilt, in the UK, with free access to so much magnificence in the world of art.  What better way to escape day-to-day concerns than by losing yourself in a captivating piece of art.

For me, the distraction now starts when I walk along the South Bank, from Waterloo to Blackfriars – gazing upon the blend of ancient and modern, across the Thames.  Inclement weather and ambling tourists barely detract from the joyous experience.

Once inside the Tate Modern, it’s not only the artworks that entice.  The sweeping Bankside views only extend and enhance the artistic pleasures and treasures.  The gift shops are an unsurprising siren call and, if you delve beyond the ‘predictable’ offerings, there are relatively guilt-free, stylish bargains to be found such as vibrant, primary-coloured, statement acetate costume jewellery.

From Lexi …. Please tell us what your favourite work of art is! In factm you could even join in by contributing a piece about it. just email me at or use the contact page.


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