Don’t pack the heels

My most romantic event ever was when I planned a romantic get away near Christmas time for my wife-to-be’s, Lisa’s birthday. At the time she was working as a contracts manager for a security firm and the managers were all planning to go for a Christmas lunch\booze session on the Friday afternoon. For weeks I’d been winding her up saying that I wasn’t going to allow her to go out with all these men but she was laughing it off.

Secretly I spoke to her boss and arranged for her to have some time off. On the morning of the Christmas booze day I got dressed and went to work as normal or so she thought. After waiting for her to leave the house I returned home and packed a suitcase and waited patiently for midday to come around whilst watching Homes Under The Hammer, etc.

As all the managers were leaving to go to the Christmas lunch stopped her and gave her a letter. The letter basically said that I was keeping my word about her cavorting and drinking with loads of men and that she was to return home immediately.

Furious, she sped home and found me on the doorstep with the suitcase. By now she was beginning to suss out that I had planned something so the mood changed. As we were driving up the M3 she somehow talked herself into thinking we were going to see a show in London so I played along.

As we got to the M25 I asked her to get open the glove compartment and get a map out (maps – remember those? This was in the days before sat navs were the norm). On opening the glove compartment Lisa found 3 presents, all wrapped up and numbered 1 to 3. I told her to open present number one, her passport. “We’re going to Dublin aren’t we? I’ve always wanted to go Dublin!!!”

I said nothing but made a mental note to remember Dublin for the future. I don’t know where that came from given that she hadn’t mentioned anything about Dublin before in the few years prior.
When we got to car park at Heathrow I asked her to open present number two, an Italian phrase book. By this time she was absolutely screaming with delight and all boyfriend and future husband points had been secured. We entered the airport and I asked her to open the final present, an envelope. Inside she found tickets to Linate Airport, Milan. I got the biggest hug ever. I’d taken her from what she thought was going to be a run of the mill Christmas party to a long weekend away in Italy.

The weekend itself was magical. There was snow on the ground and the Christmas markets were bustling. We walked and walked and saw every sight including a couple getting married and having their photos taken outside the Duomo. It was perfect.

The only lesson to be learned from this though is if you’re boyfriend plans a romantic weekend away in Milan then someone probably needs to tell him not just to pack the sexy heels if you plan on walking EVERYWHERE……

Another lesson is to start off small. I’ve not managed to top that since.


By Jon Smith @nottherealjon