Free up your Insta!

There has been a fabulous hashtag going round on Instagram called “free up your Insta” which lots of people have seized on with relish. Instagram is all about community which is one of the reasons it’s the safest and most welcoming platforms online. But sometimes that community and the (unspoken, perhaps even unacknowledged) desire for likes and followers can become a tyranny. 

So I’ve really gone for it when it comes to freeing up my Insta (I don’t do things by half measures, no I don’t!) and I’m taking a two month complete break. I’m hoping that some of you reading this have migrated across from IG so I don’t lose touch completely but I’m really looking forward to the new creative challenge of developing this blog and my writing during the next few weeks. 

The plan is to post on Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays and for there to be reviews, commentary, updates on life & family (maybe even the odd weekly video), a short story each week and hopefully still posts from the burgeoning Renegade community. 
I may be taking a break a from IG but stick with me, kid … we’ll make it a summer to remember.