Fabulous Fridays summer sales scoops and outfits of the week

Hello everyone, how are you?

Welcome to my first Fabulous Friday post. Fridays are definitely fabulous, especially when you really need the week to be over (honestly, how many ear problems can one small dog have??). And from now on Friday posts will be a mixture of fashion, fiction and the occasional flower crown.

Today (as I’ve pretty much only just decided the above) is just fashion. As I’ve said before, I am definitely not one of those super fashion bloggers, able to direct you to the coolest items. But I can show you, through trial and error, what works on a short, middle-aged woman with a matronly bosom. Or perhaps what doesn’t work, depending on what you think of the pictures!

But before we get to the photos, just to let you know how things are going in the rest of Lexiland. On Sunday I’m going to post a This Lexi Life update which will include Mabel’s latest adventures, how I’m coping without Instagram, links to some great things I’ve found this week and the first of my occasional series ‘Accidental Heroes’, where I’m going to rave about someone (real or fictional) who I feel it’s important to know about and appreciate.

I’m also hoping to continue posting articles from my Renegades! I’ve rather cut off my supply by taking an Instagram break (although there are a couple of great pieces in the pipeline) so if you have anything you want to share, please send it in.

Then, next Tuesday, I’m posting the first of my Lexiland “Little Books” ( I’m working on a better name, I promise) where I take a theme and write some personal stuff, some social and historical stuff and decorate it all with my photos and illustrations. They’re only short and the first one is called ‘The Blonde Files’, in praise of the iconic blonde.

And finally, what we’re here for….

We already seem to be in seasonal transition. These these weird rainy, grey but warm days; you can even see the rain on my shed. So here are my sales scoops and outfits of the week ….

Buffet dress supreme! Eat what you like in this little beauty. There aren’t any left in the stripe but there’s a lovely blue plaid in the sale in medium and small which would be gorgeous for autumn.  Striped linen sundress from Max Studio  

My “librarian hits Ibiza” look. Dress by And/Or (John Lewis), (£79) sandals from New Look, Messenger bag (only black left) by Michael Kors, book by Marge Piercy (Sex Wars, it’s really good!)

Hay-Yah! Enormous trousers are somewhat challenging to wear but seem to work with a narrow shirt t-shirt and fitted jacket. Trousers from ASOS, t-shirt from New Look.

I’m loving this soft olive green jacket from Tu at Sainsbury’s. it’s still a bit warm to wear it but it’s a great, neat biker shape. And Tu sizes are enormous so I always feel thinner buying from there.

A rare purchase from Boden as old Johnny boy doesn’t cut for women with breasts (you can imagine that he finds boobs frightfully common). But this Riviera faux wrap sale dress (still a few left) is actually very flattering so for once I won’t be using the returns label.