Fabulous Fridays, Mabel’s freaky fashion and another fine mess

Hello and welcome to this week’s Fabulous Friday! How’s your week been? 

The first thing I’m going to share with you is Mabel’s current Lady Gaga moment. Here it is ….

Is that not the cutest thing ever? These are her Mutts Ear Mitts, which not only are going to protect her ears from the dreaded grass darts (and save me a fortune in vet’s bills) but they also make her the star of the park. Every other dog walker has to stop and admire her now. She’s even had them taking photos of her. And a certain kind of dog (Basil, the terrier) seems to find them a huge turn on, judging by his excited attempt to frolic with her this morning. 

But whilst Mabel’s unerring fashion sense means she is now a local style icon, mine is in a complete mess. I can barely even get into my wardrobe, it’s so crammed with clothes I never wear. I read recently that people who aren’t very interested in fashion have far more clothes clutter than those who are. Well, I have so much I must be the least interested person ever. 

One of my crammed wardrobes. This is “summer dresses” 😫

And for your enjoyment, here’s a quick video tour of my favourite, unworn pieces. In which, on watching back, I realise I do indeed look like Bet Midler ( watch the video, all will be explained …) 

So I guess people who love fashion are more interested in curating their wardrobes, whereas I  think spending any more time than putting something on a hanger and shoving it in the cupboard is time wasted. Also I have a tendency to buy for fantasy events that never happen (the summer of cocktail parties, as mentioned in the video). Please tell me I’m not the only one? 

I don’t clothes shop very often. I probably buy three items a month which I didn’t think was that much until I realised (even my maths is good enough for this) that’s new 36 items a year. Which is a lot I think? How does that compare to your annual clothes shop? Combined with not throwing anything away, you can see how that stacks up. And I wear probably the same four dog walking outfits (top, trousers or shorts, cardigan) in rotation pretty much everyday. 

I did try to stop shopping but simply couldn’t. My one indulgent shopping day a month brings me great joy. I must cut down (maybe 2 items a month?) and I simply have to start wearing the things I’ve bought. Hence, the other day I walked Mabel in a heavily embroidered red maxi dress. And she wore her ears. And people took photos … 

PS I kept promising the first of my ‘little books’ but this week has been busy and the books are more work than I anticipated (basically  I did all the illustrations and then hated them, but that might just be stage fright, I might like them again next week). So someday soon either a short story or a little book will appear! But on Sunday there will definitely be a This Lexi Life update which will include plums, hospitals, the Kardashians, days out with a teenage boy and mylong sleepless night of gothic horror …..