Lists of Glory Iconic White Dresses

The 70’s was a great moment for the slinky white dress, as worn here with such style by Lauren Hutton, the epitome of cool easy glamour.

Recent inspiration from Sofia Copola’s The Beguiled. The uncharitable (me) might say the wardrobe, kept unrealistically pristine in a house where all the servants have run away, was the best thing about the film. I certainly have a yearning to wear all of those gorgeous, swishy white skirts.

And how could you have a post about white dresses without including the most iconic of all white tennis dresses? Knickers not included…

Who ever said a white dress has to be tasteful and dull? Bjork shows how to work the ‘artistic’ white dress.

In Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca, the white dress she wears for a costume ball is redolent with symbolism. She can never match up to the previous De Winters who have worn the dress before her. In the film , they certainly made it a stand out frock.

Courtney Love had made the white satin slip dress her statement piece. But in the early grunge days, it was ripped and covered in stains and blood. After Kurt Cobain’s death, her arrival at the Oscars in this exquisite Versace version heralded a new (sadly short lived) renaissance for her. A white dress has that kind of PR power.

Jane Burkin’s sexy and plunging lace dress has spawned a thousand cheap copies but few can wear it as well.

Bianca Jagger was the queen of white, from her wedding trouser suit to this gorgeous Grecian style dress.

Confession- even at the time I hated Diana’s wedding dress but how could I not include it? Should have come with a warning label – do not try this at home.

The one, the only, the ultimate, white dress. Marilyn and a New York Subway grate (from the Seven year Itch)