Top 12 lifestyle blogs for women over 40

I’ve been having a digital “holiday” for the past fortnight, somewhat enforced because of the husband going through a particularly bad patch of ill health. So it was really uplifting to get an email from Think Live Natural, a lifestyle blog for women over 40.

I was thrilled to be included in their roundup of ‘Top 12 blogs for women over 40’. It’s a real surprise and honour! I’m never quite sure how to define myself so for the moment  I’m going to stick with their “unique and eccentric” description because I think it’s a good fit for me.

Having read them thoroughly, I can guarantee that the other 11 blogs are really fantastic. Think Live Natural is great too, full of advice, fun and support that’s very useful to women over 40. Click here to hop on over to their site and read all about the other blogs.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back on Friday with some early autumn fashion ideas. See you then!