Fabulous Fridays Early Autumn Fashion

Autumn clothes? I know, I know, it’s still August!  If we’re lucky there could be another 6 weeks of summer to enjoy. In fact it’s often still warm and sunny on my birthday in October and it’s a well known retail problem that nowadays city folk don’t need coats until Christmas at the earliest.

But it’s impossible to escape that new pencil case feeling. Having spent way too long in formal education (I’d still be there, doing yet another random degree if only I could afford it) I associate autumn with the start of a new year far more than January. And what better way to celebrate than with a few new wardrobe items? Some weeks back we were all having wardrobe clear outs, so now it’s time to fill the gaps!

I haven’t had much chance to go shopping recently but I have made a couple of new purchases and I’m planning how to mix them in with pieces I already own and love.

For women with busy days and realistic budgets I definitely believe it’s best to just tweak your signature style with new trends rather than go for a whole new look. The trick (and sometimes problem) is knowing your signature look… not always easy, especially when your body shape and colouring change with age. I’m going to do some investigations and write a piece on that next week. In the meantime here are some outfits of the week, my new items and I’ve also done a roundup of the key wearable autumn trends that you can read here.

Buying a winter coat this early is a bit crazy but I couldn’t leave this fuzzy pink bear coat in Topshop all on it’s own! For those transitional days I think it works well with my ‘Margery’ tropical jumpsuit …

Every year since 1981, the fashion mags have proclaimed with faux astonishment that tartan is back. Well, this year it really is (in my house, anyway). You can’t by this fabulous Vivienne Westwood type creation anywhere because I made it by draping a load of tartan fabric around me. You can buy the belt from New Look though … and one day I’ll show you the tartan and fake fur cape I’m intending to make with all of this material – once I’ve learned how to read a sewing pattern that is!

I love wine and forest green as a colour combination. Some say ‘red and green should never be seen’ but personally I think it’s a really luxurious palette with a cool ’70’s hint. This new top is from Zara and the bag is a Mulberry Lily lookalike from The Baggage Factory and a snip at £15. Now… do I really need to add a skirt or can I just rock on in my pink knickers? (PS. It was only when I looked this top up on the Zara website to do the link that I discovered I’d been wearing it backwards! Oh well, I like to customise…)

And finally, a couple of Outfits of the Week – as you can see, I’m not giving up on my beloved the blue and white stripe just yet.

Making the most of the last of summer by wearing a blue and white combination. Solved the long running Next dress problem by wearing this Zara wrap over top over it!

Blue and white again for a day at the beach. Especially loving my Joanie Clothing sunglasses. They have loads of fab sunglasses on sale at the moment.