Welcome to Lexiland; my on-line world and the home of the Mid-Life Renegade. There are three sides to this Lexiland triangle ;

The Renegade Forum

This is where we can all have our say! The Renegade forum is open to submissions from anyone who wants to talk about the highs and lows of being in what is coyly called ‘the second act’.

So who is the Mid-life Renegade? We’re a growing band…mostly women who don’t want to play by the rules of middle age, whether that’s to give up and be quiet or to fight our way ‘success’ on the patriarchy’s terms. We want to shape our own lives, even though we’re given a bloody hard time by society (sandwich generation mums who just might not be body perfect, clean eating CEO’s) and biology (perimenopause, here we come…). On the flip side, how about all the fabulous confidence, experience and tenacity that comes with age? 

Join us to read or contribute. Society likes us to toe the line and all be the same but I strongly believe it’s really important that a variety of opinions and experiences are heard. So come and be part of the discussion…

My Lexi Life

This is where I indulge myself with posts about me, me and more me… there’s a bit of fashion, some art and a whole load of attitude. Nude selfies? Family dramas? Nightmare builders and an obsession with self-help books? A wild haired teenager, a husband with a collection of chronic health problems and a grumpy princess of a dog means I’ve walked the walk. It’s all going on in my life as it probably is in yours. Read My Lexi Life so we can reassure ourselves, we’re all dealing with same crazy stuff. 


The Creative Renegade

A new section, full of reviews and opinions on art and society. There’s a small selection of my writing and also, coming soon is the downloadable section. If you’re feeling in need of a creative boost then my Creative Renegade Kickstarter workbook* will be for you. (*coming soon)


I hope you’ll join me here every so often. If you’re the kind of person who relishes the mix of the highbrow and lowbrow, the serious and the frivolous, adventure and snuggling then you’re my kind of person and I welcome you,

Lexi, xxx