Goodness, it’s hard sometimes, isn’t it? Trying to shape a life that’s worthwhile, loving, fun and exciting out of the, often quite dreary, material that everyday life throws at us. And that’s before you even start thinking about the dramas and conundrums that seem to increase along with our years. But I’ve surprised myself over the past few years that despite thinking of myself as a complete misery guts, I’m actually pretty energetic and optimistic.

Due to some serious health crises, as a family we’ve had to re-group and re-think our life. I’ll be writing about that because, at the moment at least, we really feel that we’ve come out the other side stronger. Through this we’ve learned some emotional skills as well as emotional sticking plasters that really do help.

And that’s all this blog is… a meandering journey through the objects and subjects that spark that bit of lifejoy in me. Just like you, I get excited, cross, dispirited, enthused, misled and overwhelmed. And I do it all here…

I’m not a blog virgin, this will be number …. (er, lets not go there, in fact). Some withered on the vine but the blogzine that I loved working on was Collage Magazine, about art and ¬†gender. Rather than let is vanish completely, I’ve enfolded it in Welcome to Lexiland, in Vintage Reads.

I also love writing Lists of Glory because everyone loves a list. They’re an excellent way of exploring all kinds of interesting subjects. This is where you’ll find fashion, beauty, home style as well as some more serious lists.

The Daily Post is a gobbit sized bit of fun, like an overgrown Instagram post. And coming soon there will be a space for my writing and artwork.

I hope you’ll join me here every so often. If you’re the kind of person who relishes the mix of the highbrow and lowbrow, the serious and the frivolous, adventure and snuggling then you’re my kind of person¬†and I welcome you,

Lexi, xxx