“I’m Too Old for This” The Original Renegade Workshop


May 5th, 2018, 1.15-5.30pm £25 This has been re-scheduled from an earlier workshop that was postponed because of the snow. There are a couple of extra tickets available, please email for further details



Being a Renegade

A Renegade is someone who changes sides. For us, going Renegade is that point in life when you shake off the shackles of expectations that other people or society have wrapped you in and start to live for yourself. Not selfishly but in a way that allows you fully be yourself and ultimately be a more loving and generous person. And to have fun… lots and lots of fun.

“I’m Too Old For This ….” The Original Renegade Workshop.

We all inevitably reach an age (and it will be a different age for each of us) when we look at some aspect of our life and think “I’m too old for this shit”. Whether it’s dissatisfaction at work, feeling overwhelmed by family demands, endless diets or simply a nameless sense of anxiety that pursues us, eventually we get sick of tolerating it. We realise that we can and need to change.

But often we’ve absorbed the attitudes and beliefs that keep us trapped in that dissatisfaction. Sometimes we’ve brought those beliefs with us from childhood which means they can be really tricky little devils to free ourselves from. We might also feel trapped by circumstances; the need to earn money and care for family, for example. Often other people in our lives have a vested interest in keeping us in the same old cycle.

But we feel the desire to change growing in us. And that is when we go Renegade…

A four-hour workshop won’t work magic but it will give you a really strong starting point. Together with others who feel the same desire to change, we will begin the process of revealing your ‘script’, the set of beliefs and attitudes that define your life. We’ll sort through the things you want to keep and celebrate and identify those things you want to move away from. And we’ll talk about the challenges you might face in doing that.

The workshop uses a combination of creative activities, private reflection and group conversation. You’ll be able to take away a toolkit to continue working on.

It takes place in central London, at a lovely venue only a minutes’ walk from Old Street Tube Station.


  • 1.15pm arrival. Welcome tea or coffee.
  • 1.45pm Session one.
  • 3.30pm Break
  • 4pm Session two
  • 5.30pm Workshop ends.
  • 6.30pm onwards.  There is also an optional Renegade meet-up after this workshop, click here for further details.

Workshop details

March 3rd

1.15pm – 5.30pm

Blooms London, Runway East

19-23  Featherstone Street,

London ECY1 8SL